Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy Testing

COVID-19 testing appointments

If you need to be tested for COVID-19, please complete the process of ordering your test BEFORE scheduling an appointment. See the instructions on this page for ordering a COVID-19 test.

Through our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, DLO offers testing options via a national relationship with Walmart®. Patients can utilize select Walmart Neighborhood Market stores with drive-thru pharmacies throughout Oklahoma where they can perform an observed COVID-19 specimen collection for an active infection by the pharmacist. Testing at a Walmart Neighborhood Market pharmacy can be done via an order from a healthcare provider, the $0 out of pocket program, or testing purchased through QuestDirect™.

Order Your Own Test

You may purchase a COVID-19 test without a provider's order through QuestDirect, or DLO also offers a $0 out of pocket program for those who qualify. Both of these specimens can be collected at a Walmart Neighborhood Market Phamacy drive thru.

Purchase a COVID-19 PCR Test

$0 Out of Pocket program

If you have a Provider's Order

If your doctor has placed an order with DLO for COVID-19 testing and you want to be tested at a Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy drive thru, please follow all the instructions below. View the list of eligible Walmart Neighborhood Market drive-thru pharmacy locations in Oklahoma.

  • Contact your doctor to request a COVID-19 test.
  • Confirm with your doctor that they placed an "electronic order on hold" to DLO.
  • Visit to schedule an appointment at a Walmart Pharmacy drive-thru testing location near you.
  • When you arrive at Walmart for your test, PLEASE DO NOT GO INSIDE THE WALMART STORE.
  • Look for the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru signs (located on the side of the Walmart). Once located, proceed to the drive-thru window and let the pharmacist know you are there for your COVID-19 test. Please provide the pharmacist with your photo ID.
  • A trained Walmart pharmacist will give you a test kit and observe as you administer the test in your car. Follow the pharmacist’s instructions. When you’re done, place the test kit in the external collection box.
  • Sign in to the MyQuest™ online portal or app to receive your results. If you don't have MyQuest, sign up at or download the app.